Sable Finance

About Sable Finance

Sable Finance is pioneering the first ever decentralized stablecoin, USDS, which accepts LSD as collateral on the BNB chain and Base.
The crackdown of $BUSD is an awakening call to the community that the BNB ecosystem is in dire need of a permanent and immutable stablecoin. Centralized stablecoin should never be the means of our trade as it opposes everything our community believes.
We have the seeds of decentralization and immutability planted in the heart of Sable. To build the ultra-resilient stablecoin solution in the market, we hold steadfast to our commitment of amalgamating stability and liquid staking derivatives (LSDs) on the BNB Chain.
Sable Finance is a decentralized stablecoin protocol backed by liquid staking derivatives (LSD) with unparalleled autonomy and immutability. As the embodiment of stability and resilience, Sablecoin (USDS) emerges as the premier stablecoin free from interest rate, censorship, and custodianship.
Sable Beta focuses on building a portal on the BNB Chain where BNB collateral is utilized for USDS minting, the community-driven currency.
Sable V2 will be the mainnet launch of the pioneering architecture built for ETH LSD deposit as USDS collateral. Engineering a product fit for the fusion of ETH LSD and stablecoin, Sable's deployment on the BNB Chain and Base signifies our commitment to a gas-efficient, retail-friendly, and user-centric approach, ultimately fueling the ETH LSD liquidity flywheel.
Sablecoin will be one of the dominating stablecoins used as a medium for lending and borrowing; as routing assets on AMM and derivatives trading etc. We will influence the BNB and Base ecosystems by becoming the ultimate leverage of liquid staking derivatives on the BNB Chain and Base, and ultimately becoming a vortex of liquidity.
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